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We Aren’t Perfect Couple: Hero’s Wife

Kannada Star Yash attained nationwide popularity with ‘KGF’. People across the nation are curious about what’s happening in this Actor’s personal and professional life.

A post shared of Yash’s Actress-Wife Radhika Pandit on her Social Media handle on the eve of Valentine’s Day drew everyone’s attention. While sharing some candid moments, She wrote: ‘We aren’t the perfect couple. We have our fights, arguments, difference of opinions, things we hate about each other.. yet, what binds us together is the love which overpowers these all. Yes it’s all about celebrating the imperfect love perfectly. Happy Valentine’s everyone’.

Aren’t Yash and Radhika appearing like a perfect couple here? Yes, They do! People start admiring the celebrity couple even more for the honest confession…Isn’t that true

Ram Gopal Varma claimed NTR prompted him to share the actual reason behind making a film like ‘Lakshmi’s NTR’ with Telugu People. In the voice message shared by him, Varma explained: ‘NTR conceded defeat in 1989 elections. When his Family Members and Partymen distanced him, Lakshmi Parvathi entered into his life. Bonding developed by them changed the AP Politics completely. My Intention is to present the real truth behind the blatant lies being spread since the past 25 years. I will show the real face of backstabbers to the people,’ he said.

Relationship between NTR & Lakshmi Parvati, Viceroy Episode and the last few days in NTR’s life will be presented as close as possible to the reality. RGV told, ‘NTR was backstabbed with poison-laced sword. All the backstabbers will be made to stand in the people’s court. Do watch Lakshmi’s NTR which will release in your favourite theatres soon’.

Interestingly, Ram Gopal Varma has drawn comparison between Baahubali and Lakshmi’s NTR. ‘Why Kattappa Killed Baahubali is fictional? Why did all those backstabbed NTR is real!,’ he asserted.