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TV actress Flaunts Her Assets In Chilly Weather

These days, the actresses are not shying away from flaunting their bodies on the public places. Many actresses often post their sensuous pics which go viral instantly all over the internet. Now, one such pic of an actress has become a hot topic among the netizens.

Sreejita De, a television actress best known for the TV soap Uttaran, has recently posted a picture of her donning a golden bikini and posing for the camera in the weather of minus 10 degrees.


The actress posted the picture on Instagram saying “Abounding Challenge…-10 degrees. wanted to see how it feels.”

The picture of her flaunting her curves in the bikini posing in the chilly weather is giving the youth sleepless nights. Meanwhile, another section of netizens questioned her what is need of posing for such pictures in extreme weather conditions. Well, only she has to answer that.