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Sherlyn Chopra Revealed The Actual Meaning Of ‘Dinner’

Not only in Bollywood, but the #MeToo heat in Tollywood is also not reduced yet. One of the Tollywood actresses who has opened up about the sexual harassment in the industry also revealed that the code word used for Casting Couch in Telugu Industry is commitment.

Some of Telugu actresses has stated that the producers or directors used to ask them commitment. On the other hand, there is a different code word for casting couch in Bollywood. Recently, actress and model Sherlyn Chopra have produced and released a new video song.


During the promotions of her video song, the actress has also opened up about the casting couch issue. She stated that there are so many sexual predators in Bollywood as well and they call women for dinner to talk about work but the word dinner is actually meant asking to have sex with them that night. She added that she haven’t realized the actual meaning of dinner in the initial days of her career but now the actress doesn’t even want to hear that word.

That could be one of the reasons why Sherlyn Chopra is working on her own without depending on the others. The actress has produced her video song herself and is also planning to bankroll a movie as well. Sherlyn also added that she doesn’t want to get such dinner invitations anymore.

Celebrities often get irritated when they get mobbed by fans in any event. While some of them patiently hold a talk with the fans and click some pictures with them, few others just manhandle everyone who comes in their way. Balakrishna is well known for making such acts.

The actor was caught manhandling a few people publicly in a few instances. In Tamil Nadu, it is actor Suriya’s father and former actor Siva Kumar, who seems to get irritated when someone tries to click a picture with him. A few months back, he threw the mobile of a person who tried to capture a pic with him.

That clip went viral on social media and many people lashed out on the veteran actor for such harsh behavior. Recently, he was caught in a similar act in a recently held marriage event. A fan tri