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Sakshi Doesn’t Shy Away In Bikini

Sakshi Chaudhary one of the few tall actresses in Telugu Cinema has been flooding her social media accounts with photos that show off more skin than requiredShe shared a photo where she is exposing more skin in bikini than she ever did.

In films too, she is more known for playing the characters that have glamour mixed with adventurous attitude. She never had any complaints about the attire as well.

But when she said that people are offering her a crore to spend a night with them, many thought she is going to make #MeToo revelation.

The actress decided to not name any and asked people to watch her movies, Suvarna Sundari and few more at theatres without fail.Yatra, an event wise biopic of legendary leader YSR has hit screens this Friday and opened to positive reports everywhere.

E4 Entertainment which bankrolled ‘Varmaa’, Tamil remake of ‘Arjun Reddy’ and also the launch pad of Vikram’s Son Dhruv stunned everyone by shelving the film directed by Bala prior to the release. Makers announced their decision to make remake again with another director as the outcome hasn’t met their expectations

Director Bala rubbished the version of the Producer in the statement issued by him. ‘I myself walked out of the project to safeguard my creative freedom. An agreement was signed in this regard with the Producer on January 22nd, 2019. Considering the future of Dhruv Vikram, I would like to end the issue here,’ read the press note.

As per the agreement, Producers weren’t pleased with the final cut of ‘Varmaa’ and hence they suggested modifications, but Bala is adamant on sticking to his vision.


The Filmmaker offered to sacrifice his balance payment and allow the Producer to use the footage he shot by any other Director preferred by the production house. Bala insisted Producer to remove his name from the project completely. This agreement was made in the presence of Vikram at Bala’s B Studios Office on January 22nd.