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Director And Heroine At Loss

It is known that the producers of ‘Arjun Reddy’ remake ‘Varma’ movie decided to scrap the entire film and reshoot the film again.

The teaser got trolled badly and owing to the fact that director Bala has utterly failed to recreate the same magic as ‘ArjunReddy’. So, reshooting the entire film might be a good idea but the producers are going to change the entire cast and crew except for Dhruv. More than anyone the cast member who is going to be at a huge loss is Megha.

The aspiring actress has pinned all her hopes on her debut movie ‘Varma’. Even in the teaser and trailer of the film, Megha failed to grab the attention which became a minus point for her. Though the producers have burned the film for the sake of Vikram’s son Dhruv’s debut, both the director and the heroine are now going to suffer.

However, the debut movie should be perfect but getting launched with a flop movie will ruin the career. Though it is late, Vikram and his son had woken up before the film’s release which is a good thing.

A couple of days back, entire Kollywood was shaken up with the sudden announcement of the film Varmaa getting shelved. The makers, who were unhappy with the final cut made by director Bala, decided to re-shoot the entire film with different cast and crew barring the lead actor Dhruv Vikram.

Varmaa is a reke of Telugu film Arjun Reddy. The film marks the debut of Dhruv into films. Hence, his father and star actor Vikram wants it to be a perfect launch pad for his son. He thought Bala would be the best choice for his son’s debut film but unfortunately, the decision backfired. Now, he is looking for another choice of director for the film.

According to the Kollywood sources, Vikram is now keen on roping in director Gautham Menon for re-shooting the film. Currently, Vikram and Gautham are working for Dhruva Nachatirama and after liking his style of work, Vikram is thinking to sign up Gautham for Varmaa. Apparently, the talks are going on and an official confirmation will be made soon.