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Did That CM Son Deliver A Hit

Sometimes, we have to address an actor by how is he or she is known outside even though we know their names. Nikhil Gowda did make a name as HD Kumaraswamy’s son than an actor.

So, we have to address him in the same way too. The actor’s second film, Srinivasa Kalyana released in Karnataka recently.The movie seemed a routine masala entertainer that is made taking 10 films from Telugu and Tamil rather than making a fresh one.

Even as an actor, Nikhil seemed to be 10 to 20 miles from being decent on screen as an actor. So, the director tried to give him elevations, one too many.

Well, the movie ended up being a flop and we have to say, the actor needs to concentrate on learning acting before doing his next.Director Krish has decided to take on the Manikarnika team and Kangana Ranaut especially after all the publicity that the other side has gained by bashing him.

Literally Kangana said that she thought the movie had no bones to please the audiences when Krish was the director and she gave it the necessary dramatic push to make it a huge hit.

Krish attacking back said, “I made a Gold and Jangan turned ruined it by turning it into silver. I saw my complete version in June, last year and loved it.

She started interfering with my work and named a cheap Bhojpuri version. She took over the reins by force and now, ruined a good film.

I did this film just because I wanted to work with her and tell the great lady’s sacrificial story by spending my time in Jhansi and also talking with many students in Lakshmi Bai University about the History.

I spent 45 to 50 days to just know the complete history and write the script. But Kangana just brutally demeaned all of it. I am still a fan of her as an actress and think only she could have been Rani Laxmi Bai. But I am disheartened now, with the turn of the events,” concluded his version, Krish.